Services We Provide

Computer / Server / Hardware Support

We support many different systems for your business. CLICK HERE for a full list.

IT Outsourcing

Many businesses simply can not afford to employ an I.T. professional full-time on their payroll. Especially when their needs may not dictate full-time employment. Occasionally a full-time support person may leave on vacation or personal leave. Both scenarious are familiar and welcome to our support team. “The Micros Man” can set up an I.T. support plan structured to your specific needs. Whether your business requires a “one time only”, “one day a month”, “once in a while” or “a weekly routine” I.T. approach, “The Micros Man” can tailor a support plan structured to fit your needs.

System Audits

“The Micros Man” can conduct a full review of your systems and networks. We can analyze ways for you to reduce technology expenses by maximizing your dollar and get the most out of the systems your currently use. If you desire, we can assist in providing alternatives to you current technology and provide “forward looking” analysis to prepare you to maximize your current and future technology spending. No one wants to buy a technology platform that will be outdated or obstinate in one year!!!

Project Management

At times, an organization may find themselves in need of a capable, reliable source to manage the implementation of various I.T. related projects. ” The Micros Man” can assist in the technical, operational and financial management of your project from start to finish. Having resources at our disposal from 10- years experience in the information technology industry ensures your project will be completed on-time, commensurate for your needs and within budget. This service is great for organizations that need expertise, but can not justify hiring a permanent employee

Due Diligence

Your company may find itself in the situation of taking over management/ownership of an exisiting company. Don’t trust this important critique to be performed by just any individual without proper experience in assessing I.T. systems and services. “The Micros Man” can fully catalog and evaluate the capacity of an aquired properties I.T. Structure. Our technicians will present you with an evaluation report that identifies both potential problem areas and possible new opportunities. This crucial information is imperitive to evaluate your purchase prior to closing the deal.

Pre-Opening Support

“The Micros Man” provides both Pre and Post Opening support. Along with on-site support and training, “The Micros Man” can guide your team in project planning, network development, web site design, system selection and implementation. Often a new organization may find itself with a need of critical I.T. support during the initial opening stages of new business, but unable to hire multiple people for the entire project duration. This is where “The Micros Man” can assist with its experience and knowledge. A perfect backup resources to your existing I.T. team or capable project manager in their absence.

Vendor Selection

“I am the kitchen chef, What do I know about computer systems??”

A perfect example of the wrong way to select your critical I.T. systems. Allow one of our technicians to meet with key members of your staff and interview them on how they will best maximize their newest capital expense. Let us assist you in negotiating the right system with the right features at the right price. Let your team focus of their expertise and use us to perform ours!